How to Fly Your Dog to Europe

How to Fly Your Dog to Europe

Save Hours of Research Time

How to Fly Your Dog to Europe cover

Flying your dog from the U.S. or Canada to Europe is a complicated process. Accurate information is hard to find. Save yourself weeks of frustrating research, avoid mistakes, and start making important arrangements TODAY. Our new e-book covers absolutely everything you need to know, including:

checkmarkEuropean pet-import regulations for 2013

checkmarkHealth certificates & other essential paperwork

checkmarkVaccination requirements & critical timelines

checkmarkAirline pet policies

checkmarkCountry-specific mini-guides

checkmarkMoney-back guarantee

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What You Get

Save hours of research time

I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching the intricacies of the European dog-import process so you won’t have to. For less than the cost of a going to a movie, you can skip hours and hours of frustrating research.

Accurate information from official sources

Pet-import regulations must be followed to the letter. All the information in this book is linked from official sources, so it’s never outdated and you can be confident you are following current requirements.

Complete vaccination & paperwork requirements

A detailed breakdown of vaccination and paperwork requirements for dogs entering Europe. Following these steps exactly and in the correct sequence will keep you from overlooking something critical or accidentally invalidating your dog’s paperwork.

Pet-travel information for all transatlantic airlines

  • links to pet-programs for all transatlantic airlines
  • how to confirm your dog isn’t a restricted breed (and what to do if it is)
  • what to keep in mind when booking your dog’s ticket
  • what flying in the baggage hold is really like
  • crate requirements, sizing, and flight prep
  • pre-flight planning timeline
  • what to expect on flight day
  • what flights are safest for your dog & which ones to avoid

Ensure your dog has a safe flight

Learn how to prepare your dog for travel, reduce his anxiety in the air, and maximize the likelihood of a safe arrival. Find out what hidden dangers to avoid.

The e-book contains mini-guides for individual European countries. Each guide contains:

  • hard-to-find links to the specific pet-import requirements you’ll need to follow
  • the official Veterinary Certificate your dog requires
  • country-specific tips and pitfalls
  • email contacts for the pet-import officials that can answer your questions

If you don’t love How to Fly Your Dog to Europe and feel it’s worth every penny, then just send me a quick email. I’ll process your refund immediately, and we’ll part as friends.

You risk nothing by buying the e-book.

Reader Praise

quotation markThis book is AWESOME! My husband and I are flying to the U.K. in May and have been going in circles trying to figure out what paperwork we need for our lab mix, Rocky. This book is a life-saver! Thank you, Renee!!!

— D. Richards (Portland, OR)

Navigating the sea of information out there about flying your dog to France was a nightmare. Finding the right forms was really difficult…some websites charge money for forms that should be free. When I stumbled upon How to Fly your Dog to Europe, I felt like I had just scrambled up into a lifeboat with a guide in it. This book has been an invaluable resource for us.

— Christine Wons (USA)

Seriously… if you are thinking of a trip to Europe with your pet you need this book! Excellent, informative read full of detailed information. The process is complicated, yet with Renee’s expert advice gained from transporting their Jack Russel from Canada to the Netherlands (and then through many other countries on the continent) you will be able to confidently prepare for and then have your pet safely transported to share your European adventure with you. The book is full of references to outside sources for official up-to-date information and beautifully designed.

— Molly M. (USA)

How to Fly Your Dog to Europe is instructional! A good purchase indeed!

— Mark Keister (USA)

If you are planning to fly to Europe with your dog, get this book. It has everything you need to know about the safety of your dog, international pet-import regulations, vaccinations, microchips, airline policies, and more. It is an amazingly comprehensive resource. This guide is laid out in a step-by-step, articulate, and actionable style. Don’t fly your dog without it!

— Steve Preston

My husband and I were considering taking our dog to Germany with us this year for a two-month trip, but were beginning to get a bit discouraged by what we were reading online. I happened across Reneeʼs blog, and then e-book, and couldnʼt have been happier. What a treat to have a well researched, clear and extremely informative guide to bringing your dog abroad, with all the information and procedures you need in one cohesive place! I would recommend this to anyone considering flying their dog across the pond. Cross your Tʼs, dot your Iʼs…and make sure itʼs all done in the right color ink!

— Sarah Wright Smith (Warren, VT)

Table of Contents

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Our story

Deciding to sell everything we owned—except the dog—so we could travel the world with our daughter was relatively easy. We bought a camper from a dealer in Amsterdam, booked our tickets, and then enthusiastically started dismantling our life.

Archie, the Jack Russell Terrier, and his girl on the canals of Amsterdam

The difficult thing was figuring out how to fly our beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Archie, to the Netherlands.

Sifting through all the scattered and often-incorrect information on the web was time-consuming and frustrating. I scoured forums, read outdated blog posts, emailed embassies, and even called government officials in Europe. It took me weeks and weeks of research to figure out exactly what to do, and even then I couldn’t be sure I’d done everything right. What if I’d made a mistake that would keep Archie off the plane on flight day or that would get him quarantined when we arrived? It was a horrible thought.

From the moment we first decided to travel to the moment three months later when we reunited with Archie post-flight, I was a stressed-out mess. Not until I saw Archie’s sweet nose poking out of his crate, which was tucked in amongst the skis and golf bags of oversized-baggage claim, was I able to relax and truly look forward to our European adventure.

Why I Wrote this Book

Archie resting on his travel crate

I’ve written How to Fly Your Dog to Europe to share all the information I worked so hard to find. It has everything you need to know, all in one place. This e-book is the resource I wish I’d had two years ago.

My goal is to save you time and give you the confidence to make your dog-travel arrangements without worrying, stressing, overlooking something critical, or making mistakes (like I did!) Complete step-by-step instructions will save you tons of time and greatly reduce your stress.

Stop scouring the web for information and begin making your arrangements today.