Top Five Spanish Cities for Foodies

Spanish food is famous for being colourful, flavoursome, fresh and spicy – and rightly so. It’s not for nothing that tapas is one of the most popular and well-known dining options on the planet. The cavalcade of full-on flavours that characterises Spanish cuisine are drawn from many different cultures and locales around both the country and the globe. You’ll find the universally loved Patatas Bravas (bite-sized chunks of potato, deep-fried, boiled, or sautéed, spiked with delicate pangs of chilli, tomato and garlic), and the delicious charcoal-braised Pinchitos Moruños (a North African-inspired delicacy which combines authentic flavours native to the Souk Markets) with Garlic, cumin, coriander, turmeric and chilli alongside incredibly tasty skewers of marinated pork. It’s fair to say that these delicacies are ‘Moorish’ in every way, if you’ll pardon the pun.

But which are the best cities in Spain to enjoy these culinary delights? Read on to find out.


Salamanca abides by the general Spanish cultural rule that lunch should always be the largest and most leisurely meal of the day. With that in mind, it’s more than worth it to take a stroll through the centre of town to the popular foodie area of Van Dyke in the north of the city. The food here is perhaps in the higher price range, but still very affordable when compared with other European cities in the UK.


As the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia, the city of Seville potentially offers the best food in Spain, with an incredible backdrop of rich history and culture. Visitors travelling here in the winter may wish to try the local tapas delicacy known as Montaditos de Pringa, which is the Spanish version of the BBQ Pulled-Pork Sandwich. In the summer months, make sure you try Gazpacho, Andaluz style! This is a smooth of texture and enticingly orange Gazpacho, which tastes all the more heavenly in the glorious heat of the Spanish sun.


The home of Paella: a dish that truly symbolises Spanish culture. After tasting Valencia’s extensive range of delightfully colourful choices, other recipes simply won’t compare. The Valencian Paella recipe includes a range of ingredients ranging from chicken and rabbit to duck and snails, which are more often associated with the French. Travel to Albufeira where you’ll find some remarkable Arroz con Bogavante, which is a soup & rice dish with clawed lobster – it tastes simply out of this world. We highly recommend this city for any hardcore foodies in search of some top-notch and offbeat Spanish cuisine.


The second largest city in Spain and an international cultural capital, this is the home of the great architect Gaudi and of a great array of diverse eateries. Here you’ll find plenty of choice and a selection of the finest Spanish cuisine from all over the country. After taking a stroll down the bustling La Rambla, head off into the warren of surrounding less-travelled streets and side roads. Here you will find many authentic (and typically cheaper) restaurants and distinctive and charismatic tapas bars. Despite what you might think, Barcelona is actually a good city for vegetarians – and for vegans, too: Juicy Jones is a renowned and much-loved and creative vegan restaurant and juice bar just close to La Rambla.


Granada is one of the cooler cities in Spain. Here you can relax in one of the many Moroccan teahouses, which have a calming atmosphere along with an incredible choice of indigenous teas and desserts. The unique and incredibly welcoming aspect of Granada however, is the locals’ habit of insisting on offering you free tapas. Yes, you heard correctly – free tapas! The great majority of the bars here will provide tapas along with any drink purchased – the crème de le crème of such places being the Calle Elvira, set in a more upmarket area. For more competitive prices, make sure to check out Calle Navas.

Using this guide to seek out the most delicious and affordable food when you’re next on your Spanish Holidays will ensure you don’t go hungry or feel disappointed. You’ll want to be back among this vivid and fascinating culture as soon as you’ve left.

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