Touring America on a Tight Budget


We’ve all been there; watching a movie and longing to visit the set, wanting to walk down iconic boulevards past famous celebrities or getting the chance to visit show-stopping natural attractions. America literally has something for everyone.

However, with flight costs seeming to sky rocket, accommodation rates high enough to bring a tear to your eye and attraction prices soaring, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that America is just another ‘one of those places’ you and your family may never experience.

On the other hand, with numerous companies now offering American tour holidays (Coach Holidays, for example), it’s now far from out of reach. Still not convinced on a coach-tour holiday? Here are a few reasons that may change your mind.

You will get the chance to see and do everything you wanted to

America is a hugely diverse place, and fitting everything in into a typical holiday time frame can be difficult. However, with a tour, there will be experts dedicated to finding you the perfect package for your chosen area of the land of dreams, meaning you’ll experience all the sights and attractions, and won’t miss a thing, therefore truly getting the most out of your trip. You could also opt for a tour with extra independent time if you like the idea of exploring on your own or just with your family, and if there’s anything you wanted to see that didn’t quite make their list.

You won’t have to organise a thing

If the idea of designing your very own, tailor made American tour fills you more with dread than delight, you’re not alone. You also don’t have to do a thing with these types of holidays, which make them even more appealing to people who barely have time to utter the word ‘holiday’, let alone booking everything down to the last detail.They’ll have thought of every last thing when it comes to what you need for your trip, including any travel organisation, insurance and any extras that you may not have even considered. You’ll usually have a representative that you can contact should there be any problems along the way, too, which can take a load off your mind.


It will be significantly cheaper than booking everything separately

A lot of tour companies will arrange every last thing, from travel to accommodation, insurance and trips/activities. Package holidays are generally a lot cheaper, as each provider works together to get the best deal for them, and you. They’ll handpick the most popular tourist attractions and cram as many as possible into your itinerary, whether you’re after activities in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Louisiana, to name a few! To get even better deals, aim to be a little more flexible in the time of year that you travel, as some seasons and dates will be significantly cheaper than others. Also, the destination that you leave from can sometimes have an impact on price, so consider the idea of travelling to a different city to start your adventure from.

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