Rome: Ruins Have Their Shine

Old is gold, the maddening rush of the tourists who set their feet in Rome to recollect the glory of Roman Empire says it all. The pioneer of architectural splendor, the city is studded with amazing monuments whose sparkle is brighter than gold. Let’s check out great work of architect devised by the innovative brains and get enthralled by them.


Your rendezvous with history is stretched to an unassailable level when you visit the grand Colosseo that was inaugurated in 80 AD, and the one which awed the bloodthirsty Roman crowd of the Gladiator era. Two thousand years on, it still attracts crowds, but ferocity has given way to inquisitiveness, for as many as five million visitors make their presence felt at this arena to get mesmerized. You can get a guided tour to the different tiers of the Colosseum and get educated on the historic past.

Terme di Caracalla

Visit this inspiring ruin and you are entitled to get a glimpse of the spa of ancient Rome. Stretching over 10 hectares, this complex had capacity to accommodate over 1600 people, and was adorned by swimming pool, gymnasiums, hot rooms baths, and network of tunnels of around 10 Km, which the slaves used to ensure the plumbing systems. You can be further entertained by the spectacular performances staged by the opera artists.

The Roman Forum

Another impressive Rome’s showpiece center of ancient time is this district which is home to many grand marbled temples and magnificent basilicas and was a hot hub for public activity. The iconic landmark includes the Arco di Settimia Severo and Curia, the renowned seat of Roman senate. Though first introduced as an Etruscan burial ground during the 7th century BC, it expanded its grounds of functionality gradually during the following years. It became a center of excavation during the 18th and 19th century and it still is. Among others the temple of Julius Caesar is the ideal reflection of grand Roman Empire.

Teatro di Marcello

Another of the many gems of Roman history is this archaeological area, which was initiated by Julius Caesar and completed in 11 century BC by Augustus. Though, it now beholds many exclusive apartments that are built on the original ones. This theatre of Marcellus named after Augustus’s cousin had a seating capacity of 20,000 people. Besides it is the oldest ‘quadriporto’, the four sided porch, whose dilapidated 300 odd columns defined the vast rectangular portico.

Villa di Massenzio

Your visit to this 4th century palace complex of Circo di Massenzio, will be well rewarded as it is a well preserved racetrack of ancient Rome. It gives you the insight into the chariot races of the long gone times that seated as many as 10,000 spectators.

The grandiosity of the ruins still holds major attractions to the tourists who flock here to get the grasp of the Great Roman Empire. Hence, get into a hurdle with your friends and families, and with online help you can check out for comfortable accommodations and plan your perfect Roman holidays.

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