Scout’s Mexican-school Christmas show…pure awesomeness

Yesterday was the Christmas show (Festival de Navidad) at Scout’s school. It rocked!

The holiday productions I remember from childhood, plus the few of Scout’s I attended before we started homeschooling, were really coma-inducing. Very earnest, very dull. Snoozeville. But this one was pure Mexico. Lots of fun, very upbeat, great costumes (especially for the younger poppets).

Each class did a dance. Scout’s been practicing hard since she started school two weeks ago. All the performances were great, especially the younger kids, because let’s face it, little kids are always cute on stage. They either turn into zombies or they rock out with abandon. I can’t tell you how fun the school vibe was yesterday. It’s always a tight little community of talented and enthusiastic teachers, friendly parents, and kind and well-behaved little kiddos. But yesterday was supremely festive. We were grateful to be a part of it.

Want to see a video of Scout and the other 6th graders? It’s at the end of the post.

I wish I’d gotten more photos, but Mark and I were having such a great time, I kept forgetting to pick up my camera.

Pre-performance jitters


Opening number (“Ring the Bells”), 4th – 6th graders (Scout’s class is on the right, in green shirts)




One of the kinder classes




Here are the adorable 2nd graders. Check out all the parents recording the performance on their iPads.



Think Mexico is nothing but drug lords and laborers? Well you’re wrong. There’s an affluent, educated middle class, and it’s growing fast.



Third graders I think? Jeesh, I should have kept a copy of the program….



The 5th graders danced to some hilarious song about wanting cash money instead of presents.


Scout's Christmas Show

Scout & the 6th graders. This was the opening song…not their class dance.



After the show came the food. This was jamaica agua fresca, made with dried hibiscus leaves. It’s really good, as long as it’s made from scratch and not too sweet.




Conchas (Mexican sweet bread) and other pastries



Delicious chicken & beef tamales. Next to this stand was homemade nieve (like Italian sorbetto) and fresh fruit…small bags of fresh watermelon, pineapple and what not.


Scout milling about with her pals

Check out the video of Scout’s class. (DAD: Press the triangle in the middle of the picture to make it play!)

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1 Tom Medsger December 15, 2012 at 10:16 pm

Great Stuff, Renee and Mark! Thanks for sending this.

You know how I love Mexico and am so looking forward to being back in Querétaro in February. Your comment about the growing, solid middle class is so true. That’s why I like teaching at the Technological University. Smart kids learning skills that will take them far, to their benefit and that of Mexico. I keep in touch with some of my past students by e-mail and they are doing well. One graduate recently took his first airplane flight to his company’s factory in Michigan to upgrade his on-the-job knowledge.

Tom –P.S. I hope to see you soon. ¡Hasta luego!


2 Turkey's For Life December 16, 2012 at 10:18 am

Great to see you all settling and showing the human side to Mexico as opposed to the media side. Looks like you’re all having a blast.


3 Renee December 16, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Thanks, Julia. Yes, it’s fun here and we’re having a good time, especially Scout now that she’s in school. We still miss Turkey though. I don’t think our time there is over.


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