Our New House in Mexico

Last week we arrived safely in Lake Chapala. (Our internet was just connected today though, so that’s why you’ve had to wait a bit for this post.)

Anyway, after a LONG month on the road, Mark, Scout and I are all relieved to be here. We enjoyed sights like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and the Utah Natural History Museum, but after roadtripping more than 20,000 km last year, I think we’re all burnt out on long drives.

We spent our first week at a rustic eco-hotel (read: no internet and dogs running around) outside of town. With the INVALUABLE help of local friends (who blog at Family Travel Bucket List), we quickly found and rented an expansive, artsy house down by the lake.

We’re paying $650 a month, a pittance compared to Vancouver rents. Technically the place is a 2-bed/2-bath, but it seems bigger than that. It’s got tons of space—much more than we’re used to—including terraces, a rooftop mirador, a lovely outdoor dining area, and a big kitchen that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Come, take a look.

This is our street,


and this is our home. Welcome!


We eat most of our meals here. Behind the table is a huge grill, and behind that, a fountain. It’s lovely.


I love the landscaping…lots of succulents & color.


The backyard


Meeting the neighbors: Archie, Equis. Equis, Archie.


Let’s head upstairs.


One of the 2nd-floor terraces


This fellow protects the other 2nd -floor terrace.


I love all the artwork around the place.


And finally, up to the mirador!


Um, taking a break from all that Spanish study?


Mirador view of Lake Chapala


OK, now let’s head inside. That blue door is the front entrance; to the right is the kitchen.


My kitchen! That’s a 6-burner gas stove, a joy for a long-suffering kitchenista who’s slogged her guts out on electric ranges for 8 of the past 9 years.


LOVE these cabinets!


Scout’s room


I made a work/homeschooling space here in this alcove opposite Scout’s room. (Mark works upstairs in the enclosed porch.)


Mark and I have the upstairs area to ourselves. At least we did, until the owner told Scout about the ground-floor “scorpion problem.”

And that’s our house. Thanks for visiting!

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