Vancouver-to-Mexico Roadtrip: The Oregon Trail

Now that we’re finally out of Portland, a city I’ve visited too many times to count, I finally feel like our adventure has begun. It’s about time!

First stop: Boise, to meet up with the Vogel family, superstars in the traveling-family universe, who spent 2.5 years cycling with their young sons down the The Pan American Highway from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. (Check out their website, Family on Bikes.) They’re an inspiration to everyone, or at least they should be, and are lovely people to boot. It’s refreshing to spend time with kindred spirits who understand the particular challenges (managing relationships on the road) and joys (seeing your children grow beyond all expectations) of families who live a long-term travel lifestyle.

En route we passed through the Columbia Gorge and along the old Oregon Trail wagon route that brought idealistic 19th-century emigrants from Missouri to Oregon. The drive looked something like this…

Next stop: Salt Lake City!


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