A Year Ago Today We Were in Turkey

This morning, as we prepared to leave Seattle and continue our journey to Mexico, my thoughts drifted back to our European camping trip.

Missing our dilapidated rig and and the camping life, I scanned through my photos to see what, exactly, we were doing on this day last year.

The images I found brought a smile to my face. We were at Altin Camp, a campground dear to our hearts, in Burhaniye, Turkey, on the eastern shore of the Aegean. Altin is a rambling old estate that has been converted to a low-key campground by the generous and elegant family that has lived there for 50 years. Elderly pines shade the ground, while wild tortoises creep through overgrown gardens.

We hope to go back one day, to spend more time with owner Inci and her lovely family.

In the meantime, memories will have to do.

That’s our rig on the left, in the one-and-only spot where you can connect to the camp’s wi-fi.


The grounds go on forever. Just when you think you’ve walked to the end of the property, more unfolds before you.


On windy days, Scout and I would wander the campground searching for nests blown out of the trees.


The restaurant, where we consumed endless orders of gözleme and cups of Turkish tea


Evening on the Aegean


Sunset from the camper


I miss the beach here.


At our regular lunch place in nearby Ören, this iskendar was my go-to order (grilled bread, slices of lamb döner, fresh tomato sauce, melted browned butter, yogurt). It was quite spicy and served volcanically hot. (I wanted to cry when my iskendar arrived tepid, as it occasionally did, with unheated bread and cold tomato sauce.)


Beautiful, oozing, sweet figs we bought by the crate from the local market


The beach in Ören


And last but not least, this is the SINGLE BEST PIDE I ATE during our five months in Turkey. No kidding. It’s kıymalı ve yumurtalı (minced meat and egg), my favorite. Perfectly cooked, perfect distribution of toppings, perfect topping-to-pide ratio, perfectly seasoned. Sigh…

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