“How to Fly Your Dog to Europe” eBook

How to Fly Your Dog to Europe


The short version of this post:

I’ve written an eBook that explains exactly to fly a dog to Europe. It covers everything you need to know—the dog-import regulations for each country, required vaccinations, paperwork, how to prepare your dog, etc, etc. Click here to buy it.

The long version of this post:

We knew Archie would be coming with us to Europe. That was a given. But I had no idea how to fly a dog to the Netherlands.

Trying to find accurate information was a nightmare. All the information on the internet was outdated, alarmist, or totally wrong. I scoured forums, read outdated blog posts, emailed embassies, and even called government officials in Europe.

It took me weeks and weeks of frustrating research to figure out exactly what to do, and even then I couldn’t be sure I’d done everything right. What if I’d made a mistake that would keep Archie off the plane on flight day or that would get him quarantined when we arrived?

From the moment we first decided to travel to the moment three months later when we reunited with Archie post-flight, I was a stressed-out mess. Not until I saw Archie’s sweet nose poking out of his crate, which was tucked in amongst the skis and golf bags of oversized-baggage claim, was I able to relax and truly look forward to our European adventure.

Are you currently freaking out about flying your dog to Europe? Well, you’re in luck.

I’ve written an eBook just for you!

How to Fly Your Dog to Europe contains all the information I worked so hard to find. It has everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — you need to know. All your questions, answered.

Here, check out the Table of Contents.

This awesome e-book is the resource I wish I’d had two years ago.

It will save you time and give you the confidence to make your dog-travel arrangements without worrying, stressing, overlooking something critical, or making mistakes (like I did!) Complete step-by-step instructions will save you tons of time and greatly reduce your stress.

Mini-guides for each country

I think this is the most valuable part of the book. If you need to know how to fly a dog to the U.K., you’ll find a mini-guide that tells you how. If you need to know how to fly your dog to Germany, you’ll find a mini-guide that tells you how. If you need to know how to fly your dog to France…well, you get the idea. No matter where you are landing, from Helsinki to Madrid, from London to Vienna, you’ll find a mini-guide that tells you what you need to know.

Each mini-guide contains:

  • hard-to-find links to each country’s official dog-import regulations
  • a downloadable PDF of the required Veterinary Certificate (in its correct bilingual form)
  • email addresses for the specific officials who oversee dog imports. If you have questions, these are the experts who can give you 100% reliable answers. No more asking the internet…
  • tips on country-specific regulations and pitfalls

The International Health Certificate, Vaccination Requirements & More

All your dog’s paperwork must be complete and filled in correctly. One mistake and he could be kept from boarding or tossed into quarantine upon arrival. (No joke) The e-book covers specific paperwork requirements, instructions for filling everything out correctly, required vaccinations (and when to get them), time-sensitive government endorsement stamps, microchip specifications, tips of preparing your dog, and more.

I’m not exaggerating when I say you really cannot make ANY mistakes.

But with this eBook, you wont. It all seems really complicated at first. But if you know what is required, plan carefully, and then go step-by-step, you will be successful.

Good luck and happy travels!


Archie resting on his travel crate

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