Introducing Scout…with braces!

Yesterday Scout got braces. Her teeth weren’t bad to begin with, just a few small gaps, but because quality dentistry is so inexpensive here in Mexico, we decided to go for it and give her a perfect smile.

This was our second time going to the dentist in Mexico. (We all had some work done in Morelia.) Both experiences were great, and it’s easy to see why the Mexican dental-tourism business is booming

Our dentist in Zihuatanejo

The orthodontist—our neighbor here in Zihuatanejo—does great work. Dr. Aurioles gets excellent reviews from expat clients who live here, and as an added bonus, speaks fluent English. Even though our Spanish is coming along, particularly Scout’s, speaking in English makes things easier and less stressful for me, since I don’t miss treatment details. The dental office is clean and modern.


What does it cost to get braces in Mexico?

Buying the braces and having them put on cost us 2000 pesos. That’s about 150 bucks. Then Scout will need a few follow-up visits, which will cost 500 pesos each. The dentist estimates that the whole procedure—braces, follow-ups, and eventual retainer—will cost less than $500. A highly scientific survey of my facebook friends revealed that that braces in the US or Canada cost between $4,000 and $5,000(!), so I’m stoked that getting braces in Mexico is costing us about a tenth of that.

Our dentist in Morelia

We had a great experience going to the dentist in Morelia too. There I had a three old fillings replaced and Mark got porcelain crowns (or caps) for his top front teeth, which had some chips and cracks.

Morelia is a university town with with lots of medical, dental, and veterinary schools, and all kinds of medical professionals. There are tons of doctors, optometrists, veterinarians, and dentists to choose from. The one we eventually picked, Dr. Bucio, was recommended to us by several Americans who fly down to Morelia just to have him do their teeth. He wasn’t the cheapest dentist, but his prices were very reasonable and the quality of work was outstanding.


What does it cost to get fillings and crowns in Mexico?

Today Mark’s smile looks great. Together his four crowns ended up costing about $800, and they look completely natural. My porcelain fillings were about $80 each, and they too look perfect. Looking at my teeth, you’d never suspect I have fillings.

So this is our experience with dentistry in Mexico. If you’re in Mexico (or even if you’re north of the border) and need dental work done, I highly recommend it. The toughest part is selecting a dentist (quality varies), so be sure to do your research and get recommendations ahead of time. I’ve included names and contact information for our dentists below.

And now I’m off to make some soft food for Scout!

Dental Resources

Dentistry & Orthodontics in Zihuatanejo

Dr. Arturo Aurioles (dental surgeon and orthodontist)
Zihuatanejo Centro, near the Red Cross, Guerrero
Tel 755 55 88 535
Speaks fluent English
Highly recommended!

Dentistry & orthodontics in Morelia

Dr. R. Armando Bucio R. (dental surgeon)
Revolución #527
Morelia, Michoacán
Tel 443 31 29 451
Cell 4432 01376
Highly recommended!
Doesn’t speak much English, but he’s friendly and communicates with a sense of humor.
Also has an advanced degree in hypnosis. Note: This is for helping anxious patients with anxiety. Don’t worry, Dr. B uses modern pain medications. 🙂

Dentistry in Lake Chapala & Ajijic

We didn’t go to the dentist while we were in Ajijic/Lake Chapala, but there are tons of English-speaking dentists in the area. Here’s a recommendation from good friends who live there

Dr. Benjamin Lara
Integrity Dental Health
Libramiento Chapala-Ajijic #132
The medical doctors at this practice are also excellent, with lots of good reviews from local expats.


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